Nate Fakes, in addition to having an awesome name that sounds like the perfect pseudonym, also has a comic book series with its own unique style. They mainly revolve around situational humor, ridiculous situations, jokes, and puns and include everything from animals and people to inanimate objects. His illustrations and captions are a powerful two-punch combo in his punchlines, knocking you off guard with a good joke.

His comics are what you need if you’re looking for a light break from serious matters or a joke to brighten up your day. They are harmless, harmless, and absolutely fantastic! And this isn’t the first time he’s been featured in Bored Panda. Almost exactly a year ago he made a successful post about cats, which you can find here.

He shared his experience of drawing and the main sources of inspiration for his aspiration: “I have always drawn since I picked up my first box of crayons. Naturally, I kept them until adulthood. I just have a passion to keep doing it. I guess my biggest inspirations were The Far Side and MAD Magazine.” He even runs courses for people who want to learn how to create comics.

Credit: Nate Fakes



The artist spoke about his vast experience as a cartoonist. “I’ve been a cartoonist all my life. Professionally, I guess you could say I started a little over ten years ago. It’s a hard profession, but it’s also the most rewarding profession.” He also compared working for an agency and being a freelancer. “In an agency, you don’t get to choose your projects. In addition, you must follow their rules regarding writing and drawing. It was a great experience, but I love the freedom of working on making cartoons for myself. “So, the freedom I have to work alone is probably the best thing about it. However, I will say that there are times when I miss interacting with other people. However, I still prefer that All my work be created in my own studio.”































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