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Incredibly loving gay penguin couple hatched from a second neglected egg after zookeepers

Meet Sphen and Magic, the only same-sex couple at Sea Life Sydney Aquarium who met two years ago. Then the two were given a spare egg to hatch after incubating a stone.

To date, her firstborn Lara enjoys her adult life, but Sphen and Magic still have their paternal instincts.

And now the Aquarian Power Couple has made everyone happy again by becoming proud parents for the second time. “If one of our couples has too many eggs or is not taking good care of their eggs, we will sometimes encourage them to choose other couples like Sphen and Magic. We gave Sphen and Magic an egg to hatch because they have shown themselves to be good parents in the past, ”said the Aquarius spokesman.

The staff described the couple as “caring” and “incredibly loving,” which made them the cutest penguin parents.

Meet Sphen and Magic, the adorable gay penguin couple at Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

Image Credit: SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

And they received very exciting news: the couple have just become proud adoptive parents of their second daughter.

The penguin aquarium staff witnessed the relationship between Sphen and Magic, which began in 2018. They swam together and didn’t go their separate ways. Shortly after the start of the breeding season, the two collected stones for their love nest.

At that moment, the staff noticed they were trying to hatch a stone and gave them a dummy egg to take care of. Sphen and Magic were so impressed by how well they looked after this egg that the staff decided to breed a real egg themselves.

Sphen and Magic received another egg to hatch after successfully hatching their previous newborn, Lara.


And the proud fathers welcomed this lovely little chick into their family!

Image Credit: SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

To find more about Sphen, Magic, and their newborn baby, Bored Panda reached out to the Penguin team at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium.

It turns out that when the penguins are young and are learning to make nests and hatch eggs, the staff watch who actually picks them up, who sits in the right position in the nest and takes turns taking turns with their companion in the nest. , etc. Sphen and Magic were intertwined in 2018 and showed many positive signs that they could hatch an egg.

“When we needed a host partner, this was an obvious choice. After Sphen and Magic’s success in hatching and breeding Lara 2 years ago, we knew this would be a great option if we had to raise another egg. “”

Image Credit: SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium
Image Credit: SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

Same sex couples like Sphen and Magic are very common in the animal kingdom. Around 450 species show homosexual behavior. The Sydney Aquarium Penguin team explained that same-sex couples and dating in the wild are much more common than most people think.

“Penguins, including gentoo penguins, are one of the many species in which male-male or female-female pairs are common. Accepting eggs from the wild can be done with an abandoned egg; However, it is likely that this egg is sterile and therefore was left behind. “

“Women also mate with men before going back to their partner and then laying an egg that the women raise. With cruelty free care, they have proven to be wonderful options for parents, taking care of their eggs and chicks as if they were their own. “”

The Aquarian spokesman described Sphen and Magic as “caring and incredibly caring”.
Image Credit: SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium
If one of the pairs of penguins in the aquarium has too many eggs or is not taking good care of them, the staff give the eggs Sphen and Magic to raise.
Image Credit: SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium

When it comes to hatching a chick, parents develop a special bond with their children. “The parents of birds treat the chick like their own. You feed him with love, keep him warm and defend him from passers-by. “

For example, Sphen is the epitome of a proud and protective father. “Lately the Sphen and Magic chick has grown big enough to take short trips away from the nest and explore the area. Sphen closely followed the girl on these little expeditions, led them and protected them from anyone the girl might approach. “

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Right now, Sphen and Magic are taking a much-needed break from all their efforts to raise the girl. “The chick is now big enough to go to our kindergarten. In the wild, the chick’s rapid growth becomes so demanding at this age that both parents have to abandon the chick and go out to sea together to eat. All the chicks huddle together in a nursery to wait for their parents to return. “

“In the meantime, the zookeepers are having a great time bonding with the chicks. Once their adult feathers are fully depleted, we have the extremely fun job of teaching them to swim before they graduate and join the colony for the full day. “

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