Man rescues a dog whose tongue was frozen in a sewer

The poor animal was found when it was trying to free its frozen tongue into the sewer. But luckily a good samaritan helped him.

Freezing temperatures can be dangerous for pets left outside. In Vladivostok, Russia, a man helped a dog in trouble who had licked a manhole cover and got his tongue stuck to the ice covering the metal.

Temperatures in the city that day were reported to be around 5 degrees Fahrenheit.

The poor animal was trying to free itself when it was found, the man acted immediately by pouring a bottle of water on the frozen area. Fortunately, the man was able to rescue him, and the dog apparently escaped very frightened and without further complications.

Man rescues a dog whose tongue was frozen in a sewer

Thanks to this man who took action when he saw an animal that needed to be helped. It is not known if the dog had a home.


When temperatures drop, animals suffer from the effects of the weather and can end up freezing to death.

The smallest dogs; young, old, and those with short hair, are especially vulnerable to low temperatures. But the truth is that winter temperatures are dangerous for all animals in general if they are left outside.

Don’t leave your animals out in the cold. They are part of the family, and deserve to be treated as such.

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