Pink deaf and the blind puppy is inspiring children on how to deal with differences

A woman decided to give an opportunity to a dog with special conditions named Piglet and her story has inspired many people.

A pastel-pink pup named Piglet was born with special needs in a house that was inhabited by 37 other dogs, and he was cared for and lovingly cared for by people with good hearts. Now the pink puppy is happy and a great example of life.

Piglet is a Dachshund and Chihuahua mix, and it is very peculiar that he is pink, also linked to this he has congenital problems with his ears and eyes, which is why he is blind and deaf.

Although it is not easy to take care of a puppy with these conditions, Melissa Shapiro, a veterinarian from Connecticut, is doing her best to help Piglet, her plans initially were to provide him with a foster home, but it did not take long for the puppy to be stolen his heart completely and decided to make him a member of his family formally.

Pink puppy inspires children to deal with their differences


Melissa Shapiro said:

“It was quite a difficult decision to make. He requires a lot of work. It’s a full-time job, taking care of a handicapped baby. But it’s so cute and we couldn’t deliver it at the time.”

Piglet now lives with 6 other puppies, it took him time to adapt to living there, even Melissa says that the first month he could not leave the house because Piglet was very anxious.


From the beginning this puppy has been destined to do great things, he is an inspiration for many, especially for children.

With the support of a third-grade teacher in Plainville, Massachusetts, Piglet helps little ones overcome differences and challenges in their lives.


The puppy is part of the classes as a model to face every day, the students admire him, they even sent his family beautiful hand-drawn cards with messages to Piglet.

On the other hand, the story of Piglet aims to encourage the spaying and neutering of dogs and cats, as well as inspiring others to adopt companion animals with special needs.


Other classrooms in Alabama, Connecticut, Japan, and Australia are now promoters of the Piglet Mindset Outreach program.

Through social media ads and products, Melissa has raised funds in excess of $30,000, which have been donated to special needs dog rescue centers and other non-profit organizations.


Melissa hopes to start her own non-profit organization in order to help more rescue centers.

Although the woman knows that people are afraid to adopt animals with these conditions because of the work involved in their care, she is proud that the story of her adorable pink puppy has inspired other people to adopt.

Piglet currently has a profile on Instagram where he has more than 123,000 followers. He is a very brave puppy and is happy to meet new people, you can follow him to learn more about his life.

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