Video: Sausage Dog likes to do push-ups with his owner

Pernod the sausage dog has developed a love for close-up push-ups and loves to exercise with his owner daily in the main room of the family home in Gateshead.

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Last night we did the prison card drill. Therefore, you need a stack of cards and need to obviously mix it up scramble it and you’re going to sign an exercise per different suit.

For example for hearts last night I assigned beast push-ups and every time. I do that many push-ups for face cards you could increase the amount or you could change the exercises to make it harder. Sometimes I increase the amount for example if we got a queen we have to do 15 beast push-ups.

Image credit: North News

We drew a king we had to do 20 beast push-ups if we drew a jack or a joker I decided to make it. So you’re going to be on the spot or moving around.  You could be like bouncing back and forth you could be shadow boxing.  You could be doing jumping jacks you’d be dancing whatsoever and anytime.

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