The Dalmatian mistress, nicknamed Leo, decided – why not give the pet a bath at home, and not lead him as usual to the groomer? Already in the process, she realized how much she was wrong. Leo is a 1.5-year-old Dalmatian who lives happily with his mistress named Summer in the USA. From an early age, Leo was an active and sociable doggie who could not just sit still.


Due to the large size and tons of energy, the hostess often took her pet to the groomers to be bathed. But once she decided – why not try to arrange a grooming salon at home?

Summer saw how calmly Leo behaved when he was bathed in a grooming salon, and therefore decided to bathe him at home. But alas – it was not so simple! Firstly, the pet flatly refused to get into the bath and rushed into the arms of the hostess.


Secondly, washing Leo turned out to be an even more difficult test, having passed which, the hostess decided – now she will bathe her pet only at the groomer! Take a look at a funny video about how Summer coaxes Leo into a bath:

“I hired groomers to redeem Leo until today. But now I commit to always use their services!” – wrote the hostess under the video




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