A nursing mother dog lost her newborn puppies, but inside her, there was so much love that she had enough for other needy babies.

This story happened in the city of San Pablo, USA. Passers-by found a lonely dog ​​near the garbage cans, which, as they immediately noticed, fed the puppies. But as it turned out later, all her puppies could not survive, and the dog wandered around the streets all alone.


People called the rescuers, and the first woman to respond was Stacey Jones. She took the lactating dog to her and took the overexposure. At about the same time, other people called her – this time she was asked to shelter three kittens left without her mother …

Stacy, of course, agreed to take the kids. She immediately got an idea – what if a mom-dog can feed orphaned kittens? She was very doubtful but decided to try. To her surprise, everything worked out!


The dog carefully sniffed the first kitten, and carefully licked from head to toe. Then, she was introduced to two other kittens. The kind mother accepted them all, and happily fed her milk.

“She just lay down and pushed the kittens to her side. She let them drink her milk and treated them like mom,” the guardian says. Stacy could not hold back her tears when she saw this wonderful moment.


Then Stacy settled the family in one cage. The dog fed its feline “babies” for about five weeks, after which the kittens switched to wet food. According to the guardian, all this time the dog really perceived kittens as their children.

Now the kittens have grown up, and for the mother-dog, they have already found a loving home. Soon for all the kids, they will also begin to look for loving owners, but for now – they are under the watchful eye of a caring guardian.


“I still can’t explain it with words. It’s so incredible. I didn’t think that this could happen at all, and I just decided to try it. But the dog seemed to feel that the kittens needed a mother, and replaced her, “says Stacy.





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