The inhabitants of England met on the streets of the village of Apchers an old Labrador. A note was attached to the dog’s collar, where the former owner spoke about the dog.

The owner tied the Labrador to the fence and left a note. The villagers, after reading the note, immediately told the authorities.


“Please shelter me, because my owner left me ten years later, because I did not learn how to be good. He returned me to where he found,” the letter said.

It seems that in ten years the dog failed to achieve love. However, the point is not at all in it! He turned out to be a very cute and funny guy! Veterinarians, having examined him, concluded that he was in order. Of course, age makes itself felt, but a good boy will please his new owner for a long time!


The dog was taken care of by the authorities in the Swail area.
They posted a post on Facebook about the incident, and he scored thousands of likes and reposts.
The authorities said that they began to search for the owner who dared to do this with his dog!




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