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20 pictures of the pets hobbies that make you happy

Hobbies make us happier, so skip the teasing and enjoy

It’s a dark Monday in January, and you’ve spent half the morning making plausible excuses for not doing a job. But I have good news: the key to a happy life, and I know you’ve wondered, apparently, is spending more time with your pet at home.

Now Wake Up has collected over 20+ of the coolest pets things people have ever seen and decided to share them with the world.

No#1. Dog Bath before and after


Henry’s first birthday Celebration Picture

happy-pets (12)

Cat climbs the tree every day to greet the house cat

happy-pets (11)

These siblings had to be adopted together because they were inseparable. They sleep like this every night

happy-pets (9)

1x per day can result in a human player or NPC stroking their fur for 20 minutes

happy-pets (8)

First time you look at yourself in the Mirror

happy-pets (7)

Cuteness in one Picture

happy-pets (6)

Half orange, half blue is 100% adorable cat

happy-pets (5)

Thunder cats characters that look like this

happy-pets (4)

Same skin same Blanket

happy-pets (10)

Cat that got funny hair cut at the vet for surgery

happy-pets (1)

They all have the same face


Timmy was sitting on the wall of his house across the street in August 1939.



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