This artist makes humorous single-panel comics without dialogue (20pics)

We think it’s fair to say that short, fun single-panel comics are a quick and easy way to distract yourself from reality and everyday problems. Chilean cartoonist Karlo Ferdon stands out in this category with his simple and minimalist comics that can make you smile without the need for words. Karlo’s comics are mostly single-panel and require no words to convey the meaning behind them, you just look at them and almost instantly know what the artist had in mind.

Credit: Karlo Ferdon






When it comes to art, most would agree that being an artist is not an easy job, especially a comedic one. Ideas come to you randomly and you just have to act accordingly.

“Ideas come to me at random, but my ‘secret’ formula is more or less to put the characters in everyday situations and obtain absurd results with a touch of surprise (if you know what I mean). Generally speaking, the only thing that “I can say is that the more you draw, the more ideas you get! It’s like a circle.”


When it comes to works of art, people always have things to say about the art creators themselves, whether it’s about the work of art or the person behind it, people rarely hold back their opinions.

The truth is that I can only say that in general people tend to react very well to my work. Of course, there are always those who do not understand the joke at all or understand the opposite of what the cartoon is trying to say or portray. But it is something that usually happens when humor comics are made without words.
























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