Washes – a Persian cat who was blinded by the fault of the breeder

Emily Schotter from Nottingham (UK) has always loved animals. When she found out that there was a blind cat at a local shelter in Oman, she wanted to take her to her.

Images Credit:moetblindcat


So the Persian cat nicknamed Moet (Blind Cat) and became domestic. Due to an unscrupulous breeder who did not monitor the health of his charges, the girl was blinded.

Now she is 6 years old, she does not see anything but still lives a full and happy life. Thanks to the owner, she does not feel disabled.


In addition, Moet has recently become a real sensation in social networks. Emily started an Instagram pet to show the world how charming she lives.

54 thousand people have already signed up for the profile of a snow-white star.


Isn’t that cutie? The lack of eyes did not make the cat less graceful.

Washes – a very active cat. She likes to play!




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