The store guard protected a strange dog from the rain

A Scottish store guard shelled a stranger dog with his umbrella while it rained heavily. His little good deed touched thousands of people! A Morrison’s supermarket chain guard in the town of Giffnock, Scotland, saw a golden retriever waiting for the owners at the store. Suddenly the rain began – and the man decided that he could not leave the dog wet. He covered the dog with his umbrella, and he was not at all against it.


The girl who was sitting in the parking lot opposite, noticed this cutest scene, photographed and posted a photo on Twitter. The girl wrote Respect for this guard Morrisons, who did not leave the doggie in the pouring rain. He said You never know if the dogs like the rain.

The story quickly spread over the network, and a guard was found – his name is Ethan Dirman. Thousands of people thanked the man for his good deed, and now demand that he be paid a bonus.

“This is just a wonderful person,” “Heroes among us They must raise his salary! I want all the people on the planet to be like this guard users wrote.


The guard himself did not expect his photo to become viral. Soon the story came to the owner of the dog, a local resident David Cherry. The man tweeted his thanks: “Thanks to Ethan for not leaving our Freddy to get wet in the rain!”

These are such good deeds!

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