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10 + funny photos of animals that made the world smile this week

Are squirrels ready to take the place of any Marvel hero? Rabbit in a boot? Or a flock of dogs that are very interested in a mysterious object on a tree? Choose the funniest photo of the week yourself by flipping through our traditional Friday selection.

Images Credit: i.redd.it

This morning we opened the door and saw this baby on the doorstep

Just look at these squirrels and their superhero touchdowns

My grandfather specially made this island for turtles and put it in the lake. They really like it!

Am I repeating everything correctly?

I asked my friend why she often sleeps in the hall and not in the bedroom. In response, she sent me this photo.

This is a favorite place for our lizard gatherings.

Sometimes I want to live as relaxed as my cat Orion.

Just take a look at this boot!

Sometimes there is nothing better than watching a good series with a friend!

My cat is obsessed with my dog ​​and follows him on the heels everywhere.

Just look at the puppy my friend started.

Someone from the neighbors threw out slippers, and they were chosen by a stray cat

Darth Vader in the flesh!

My dog ​​seems to have given birth to calves, not puppies.

All the dogs of our yard are enchanted with a squirrel on a tree.

Even when they turn from puppies into giant dogs, they still want to climb into the hands of the owners

A female deer wandered into our backyard yesterday and gave birth to babies.

Just two very loving cheetahs.


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