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Have you seen how funny owls sleep?

There is so much wonder in the world! Every day nature surprises us. This time they were surprised to use the network when they saw how owls sleep. Oddly enough, but owls sometimes sleep on their stomach, with their beaks in the ground. It looks, to put it mildly, strange. Many people confuse sleeping owls with injured birds and are often surprised when a bird suddenly jumps up and begins to defend itself, although a minute ago it seemed dead.

Funny photo shared by blogger and journalist Mark Rees on Twitter.

In the comments, users first did not believe the blogger, and then began to share funny photos of sleeping owls!

Sleeping owls really look strange. They are very different from other birds that usually sleep while sitting on a branch.

Owls lie on their stomachs, stretched out their long legs, and buried their beaks in the ground.

This is how babies of owls sleep most often. Many believe that they do this because of the heavy head that outweighs them.

Nevertheless, to date, none of the users managed to find the existing scientific studies confirming this phenomenon.

Just look how cute it is!

Because of this peculiarity of owls, many people take them home, thinking that the owl is injured. However, waking up, birds of prey are out of sorts and often try to fend off humans.

Now, if you meet a lying owl, think. Maybe she’s just sleeping?



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