20 adorable photos of tiny kittens to cheer you up


Tiny, fluffy, touching – how beautiful cats and cats are in childhood, who have not yet learned the art of insolent muzzles and a contemptuous look! We invite you to admire a whole scattering of fluffy babies who will definitely give anyone a charge of affection and positiveness.

#1 My daughter made a bed for a kitten and gave him a bear

#2 I am your new boss! Everyone listens to me!

#3 For these moments, we have pets 🙂

#4 We all often dream of spending life just like this kitten 🙂

#5 Double dose of cuteness.

#6 My husband and I saved a kitten that fits on the palm of your hand

#7 We put this toy side by side to show the difference in size.

#8 Sleep after visiting the vet 🙂

#9 It seems like a nest of kittens is organized in my house.

#10 But how cute the little sphinxes look!

#11 I’m all alone in this giant bed

#12 When you are already a predator from the cradle.

#13 Caught in the wrong place.

#14 From small to large 🙂

#15 I’m a tiger!

#16 Usually babies are photographed in such an environment, but why not give the kittens an opportunity to express themselves? 🙂

#17 An ideal place to sleep.

#18 Two from the box, the same from the face.

#19 And this kid even has his own royal chair.

#20 Introducing George, the Heart Thief!


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