It often happens that people who are addicted to alcohol or other bad habits stop caring about those who depend on them. Pets, which have a hard time in the society of lost owners, also fall into this category. In our today’s story, we will tell you about just such a case.

The residents of Izhevsk who abused alcohol had a cat that gave birth to kittens uncontrollably. Nobody cared about the baby, and they had absolutely nothing to hope for. Fortunately, the volunteer Anastasia found out about this and decided to help the pussies.


She took all three kittens, whom she managed to find in a dysfunctional apartment, to her place. The weight of the babies was critically low, they all needed the help of a veterinarian.

Fortunately, with the help of Anastasia, the crumbs managed to quickly recover. It was decided to call the kids Toffee, Keksik and Lyalya. Energetic pussies all day rode around the apartment of their savior, naughty and played together.


The first to go to the new house was the fluffy charm Lialechka. She became the second kitty in the family and quickly became friends with her older friend, Jasper.

Keksik and Iriska, of course, began to miss their little sister, but even without her they organized pogroms and games in the apartment of their savior. Anastasia hoped that her brother and sister would also be able to find a long-awaited home.


Soon there was a place for teenage cats in a local cat cafe. Talkative and affectionate Iriska and Keksik became real stars of photoshoots there, favorites of visitors.

The first luck smiled at sweet Iriska: she was noticed and taken to a new home. Not everything worked out the first time, but over time, Iriska got used to it, and thanks to the patience of her new family, she perfectly took root in a new place.


Cupcake had to get bored without a sister for a while, but then he was noticed by Anastasia and her mother! The cat rushed to a new house, where he now receives a sea of ​​love and affection.


This is how three outbred, completely ordinary street kittens were attached by a very kind and purposeful girl Anastasia. This story proves once again that it is possible to help everyone if desired.




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