20 silly dogs that will make anyone laugh with their behavior

Our beloved dogs will brighten up any day and will always cheer us up with their presence and daily funny antics. Here is a selection of slightly weird and eccentric songs that are sure to give you a genuine smile!

1. I am a dog. I feel so comfortable


2. When your tummy is scratched for the first time in your life

3. When asked to smile for a photo


4. “I sleep the way I want

5. He suddenly saw something and forgot about the ball in his mouth.


6. What’s the beauty with frog legs?

7. He just sits in bed like this and doesn’t move.


8. Find a dog

9. My 40-pound dog loves to lie down on the paws of the second dog like this


10. The range of emotions of my dog

11. Stop taking pictures, let me rest


12. Poses in which dogs sleep – a separate art

13. My Crazy Miracle


14. Max is trying to catch a piece of watermelon

15. When you literally melt in the hands of your beloved owner


16. Sometimes a devil possesses my dog

17. It seems my dog ​​is broken


18. How much grace!

19. When you are satisfied that you managed to pretend to be tired so that you can be carried on handles.

20. And my beauty always freezes in this position and sniffs at the smell of food that is being prepared in the kitchen.

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