Two feline brothers, similar to each other like two drops of water, hoped to find a better home, where they will be truly loved.

The owners gave these adorable kittens to the Chatons Orphelins shelter in Montreal, Canada. The kids needed care and a new family where they would be truly loved. The volunteers immediately noticed that the two were incredibly attached to each other.


Brothers-kittens, similar to each other, like two drops of water, were named Berlioz and Chopin. After a visit to the veterinarian, who confirmed that everything is in order with the babies, they were sent for overexposure.

One married couple agreed to take kittens for a while. As it turned out over time, the kids were similar not only in appearance – they did everything together. They followed each other throughout the house, eating and playing without leaving each other.


The senior cat, Berlioz is a bundle of energy. He loves to play and is always protective of his little brother, Chopin. They love to spend time together, often hug, and even sleep in an embrace.

The brothers grow up to be healthy, active, playful handsome men. During the time they were overexposed, they really blossomed, and now they are ready for a new chapter in their life – the search for permanent owners.


Now they are actively looking for hosts for Berlioz and Chopin. The family with which they live will carefully choose the future owners for these handsome men – after all, they will be given only together!

In the meantime, they are looking for a family for the kids, they enjoy life and every minute spent together. Take a look at these charms:





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