20 The Far Side Comics That Are Worth Money


Do yo read stories of successful people? Well, if you read you’ll get to know that there’s no secret behind their success. But there are some factors that open roads towards successful career. These factors are Motivation, vision, plan, hard work and consistency. Biggest motivation comes from an empty pocket and broken heart. All you need is to use it positively.

If you’re working for someone on salary bases and have bigger plans, you’re fooling yourself. All of your hard work is useless. By doing this your company owner grows at lighting fast speed but you’re still there from where you started. So in order to be a successful person, take risks. Remove all the hurdle son your way that are keeping you out of track.

I am sure you’ve heard of cartoonist named Gary Larson. Gary is the person who quit cashier job when he finds it boring. He decided to follow his passion and started drawing cartoons. Soon he got popularity. Than there comes a time when 45 million copies of Gary’s comic series The Far Side were sold and he generated US$70 million from it.

Gary could have continue doing cashier job. But his vision was clear. He made a plan and improvised it. Rest is history. If you have not yet come across to this comics. We have compiled a list of few of his comics that are worth reading.

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