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A dog with bruised paws looked sadly at people passing by

A homeless dog with difficulty dragged damaged paws along the asphalt, looking into the eyes of people passing by. He begged to be helped, A dog named Corks was found on the streets of Los Angeles in the United States. A clogged, skinny, dog dragged damaged legs on the asphalt. Good people miraculously drew attention to him and took him to a shelter.

Shelter staff determined that Corks was probably hit by a car and could not do anything with him. Doggie was put in line for euthanasia, leaving him no chance ..

But this boy managed to avoid the saddest outcome. The staff of the Dogs Without Borders rescue team paid attention to him on time and took him to their center. Their Corks began to be actively treated.

The wounds on the legs began to heal, but the wounds on the heart after surviving this doggie did not recover quickly .. It was not easy for Corx to trust people – in the past, he experienced a lot of pain. He desperately needed sincere love, which he received in the center of salvation in full!

Overexposure was found for Corks – a volunteer named Brooke took him. The first couple of weeks were very difficult because the dog was still shy and modest. But later – this darling began to unfold, and love healed his emotional wounds.

Corks began to ask the guardian for affection, as well as get along with other dogs and people. “He used to not let anyone touch him, but now he’s ready to kiss me from head to toe when I get home,” says Brooke.

Soon, Brooke realized that she was so close to Corks that she was not ready to give it to someone else. The woman decided to leave the doggie forever! So Corks had a loving mistress who did not dwell on him.

Now Corks is truly happy, and this can only be seen in the expression of his muzzle and infinitely beautiful mood. He finally understood what a person’s love was, although he did not know anything about it before ..

The wounds of the past are forever forgotten, and Corks is enjoying life. Next to him is a loving mistress, he is always fed and surrounded by care – what else is needed for dog happiness?



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