A dog named Jojo decided to sit down and rest on one hot day – but did it so funny that it made thousands of people laugh on the net. Jojo is a dog who lives happily with its owners in Suffolk, England. She is a mestizo of the French Bulldog and Boston Terrier, who is also called Frenchton.


A 7-year-old dog was taken from a shelter in September 2019. Since then, this charismatic beauty has fascinated everyone around. Especially popular was the picture of Jojo, where she sits on a hot day, spreading her paws:

The owner of the dog, Tasha, explained that it was very hot outside that day, and apparently the pet decided to have a rest like that. On the net, the dog was compared to a fighter, and they joked that it was better not to quarrel with her.


“Jojo is very loud, but does not bark, but grumbles. Her favorite pastime is to sit outside in the sun and bask. She sits with her chest out,” the hostess says.

Jojo is a charming creature despite the austere look. She is kind, sweet, loves her owners, is glad to talk with other dogs and people.


Take a look at this beauty:




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