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Homeless animals first met with residents of the zoo

During a pandemic, zoos are closed, and volunteers do not visit shelter animals. Employees of the shelter and zoo from the city of San Antonio decided to diversify the life of their wards. Employees of the Animal Defense League of Texas, a shelter for homeless animals, launched a campaign together with the zoo.

Animals saved from the streets came to the park to get acquainted with the wild inhabitants of the zoo. And for those, and for others – this is an event. All the wards were very interested, looking at each other.

Pictured is Carla, an 8-month-old dog who meets a giraffe.

They decided to hold such an action in order to draw attention to the problem: during a coronavirus, non-profit organizations rarely donate funds.

During the visit of cats and dogs to the zoo, a live broadcast was conducted, during which people could donate money to keep animals.

The action helped to raise the money necessary for the shelter.

And here is the video from the visit:


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