In the Czech city of Pilsen, locals noticed a duck, which calmly swam along the lake. But her head was pierced through by an arrow through her. However, the bird was definitely alive, but clearly needed help!

The unfortunate mallard swam for three months on the Radbuza River in Pilsen, the Czech Republic with an arrow in its head. Employees of the Center for the Protection of Wildlife were able to catch a duck only the third time, having swum up to it in a kayak.


Just at that moment, the mallard was in the molting period and could not fly away, since the flight feathers had not yet grown.

The duck was sent for x-rays, where they saw that the arrow had been in her head for three months. Fortunately, the vital organs were not affected and the duck adapted to such a life.


Veterinarians performed a very complicated operation, pulling out an arrow without hitting the brain. After recovery, the duck was released back into the river. In the fall, she, along with everyone, will fly away to warm lands.

Experts suggested that the arrow hit the duck for a reason. There was a line at the end of the arrow.
“A fishing line was found on the arrow. It looks like a purposeful hunt, but we have no evidence,” rescuers say.


Police are now looking for someone who could shoot a defenseless duck with a crossbow, reports the DailyMail.




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