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The history of Russia’s first Corgi police dog

Usually in Russia police dogs of large breeds, for example, German shepherds, are used. But the 9-year-old Corgi nicknamed Red proved that size is not the point!

Red – the first Russian police dog Corgi. But despite the size and thanks to its incredible scent, this one has become one of the best bloodhounds. He bravely helped the police find weapons and drugs for seven years, and this year is retiring for a well-deserved retirement.

A resident of Nizhny Novgorod and police dog handler Olga Chumarova initially took Red for her daughter. But later the hostess noticed the dog’s incredible talent for sniffing and decided to take him into her squad. And so began the career of Red in the police.

The dog was trained to search for drugs, weapons, and to catch criminals. And also, he became a local celebrity – because his breed is not typical for police dogs. Usually, Russian police use dogs of large breeds such as German shepherds.

Despite the size, Reddish deftly performed commands and tricks, and showed talent in sniffing out objects. This year the dog went on a well-deserved rest – retired, and now will live with the mistress. She promised not to throw redhead training!

Take a look at this handsome:



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