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The imposing Weimarrane splendidly spends this summer, despite the quarantine

So the long-awaited summer has come, and although traveling abroad for most of us is still closed, this does not mean that we need to lose hope for a quality and fun vacation! A Weimaraner dog named Po Di Arroz will inspire you to relax as you should even in your summer house or in a host city.

Poe is an incredibly artistic and graceful dog, the pose of which any model will envy. Here he breathes fresh warm air by the window, and here – enjoys the sun in a deck chair!

If you have never heard of the Weimaraner breed, then do not worry. These are quite rare hunting dogs native to Germany, tall and graceful. This is not to say that they are very common among dog breeders, but in vain: just look at Poe and it will immediately become clear that the Weimaraners deserve much more love and attention than they get now!

Po lives in Lisbon side by side with his family’s other pets, Dachshund Bro and the cat Lourdes. Between them reigns complete harmony, which can be observed in numerous photographs.

Fantasies of the owners of at least more than enough. They often photograph him in bizarre poses and images, come up with various funny sketches. The result – more than 180 thousand followers on Instagram!


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