A wild kitty of rare beauty looked at people only from around the corner of the store

In the first autumn colds, a young kitten with an incredibly bright appearance appeared at one of the shops in Izhevsk. The round and neat tricolor was afraid of people and looked at them only from secluded places, but she always went out to eat with pleasure. Winter was approaching, and it was clear that the cat needed to find a roof over its head.

An experienced zoological volunteer Tatyana took care of the fate of beauty. She began to catch the kitty, but she did not immediately fall into the hands that wished her well. In the end, we managed to do it with the help of a kettle.


Tatiana settled her new ward in a veterinary clinic. The kitty was about six months old, and it remained unclear how such a gorgeous madam found herself on the street. The fluffy and cozy purr got the nickname Princess.

Gradually, the Princess mastered and learned to trust people. Soon she already asked for pens, played briskly, and studied the situation with curiosity. This is how we managed to tame this grouse!


When all the necessary vaccinations were made to the Princess, the search for owners for her began. She perfectly owned the tray and scratching post, did not harm, got along with other animals, was just an ideal candidate for pets!

Svyatoslav took the noble princess into his family. There, the cat had another fluffy girlfriend, also a volunteer ward named Mouse.


Just look at this harmonious couple! At home, the Princess and the Mouse are called less officially: Shunya and Manya. Lovely beauties play and rest together.

The Tricolor Princess is sure to bring good luck to the home of her masters. They did not at all regret their decision to give her a house – she brought additional bright emotions into their lives!

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