The journey of finding things has been going on since the creation of the universe. Human is always in search of something. This quest has made man very capable.

We have often seen around us that there are many people who continue their search until they find something. But most of them give up and put their quest behind them.

But today we will show you something that the gentlemen who got it did not give up and got what was included in their quest.

In this view, Now Wake Up got all this for you, which people liked very much.

It’s rare enough to find a pearl in a shell, so to happen upon an extraordinary orange pearl worth more than $340,000 was like winning the lottery for one Thai fisherman.


Brothers Hatchai Niyomdecha, 37, and Worachat Niyomdecha, 35, were walking the shore of Nakhon Si Thammarat in the Gulf of Thailand on Jan. 27. when they spotted an abandoned buoy, dotted with shellfish, according to Viral Press.

The siblings plucked three snails from the apparatus with plans to have them for a snack. But what their father Bangmad Niyomdecha, 60, found while cleaning the shells was worth much more than fresh escargot.

The tangerine-hued pearl, which is about the width of a dime and weighs 7.68 grams, was found in the Melo melo sea snail, as opposed to typical oyster pearls. These exceedingly rare pearls, formed in a gastropod native to Asian waters, can be found in shades from tan or brown to the more coveted orange color, and take many more years to form than standard pearls.

Door is real—the rest is Graffiti

Forest Noise Amplifier

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Purussaurus is one of the largest giant crocodiles known, and possibly even larger than Sarcosuchus. During the Miocene 8 million years ago, he ruled at the top of Central South America.

Carries Universe

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Archaeologists have discovered the world’s first prosthetic eye, worn by an ancient Persian priestess around 4,800 years ago. The fortune teller was six feet tall; Her eye would have been covered in gold, which gave the impression that she had occult powers and could see into the future.

Giant belted lizards look like tiny dragons

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Penguin looks like something out of a horror movie

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