Smart dog walks into the police station to “Report himself missing”


In the early hours of the morning, an unexpected visitor stepped through the doors of the Odessa, Texas Police Department and stepped on the counter.

He was a friendly dog ​​eager to alert officers of an ongoing incident in which a specific person disappeared from his home himself.

Apparently, this smart dog understood that the police station was the best place to lose your human. After Chico reported his problem as the good boy, he stuck with the idea of ​​applying for a K-9 job for a while. Scroll down to find out more about their entire adventure.

Meet Chico, a very smart dog who went missing in the Texas Police Department

Source: Support Our Permian Basin Police Officers

One morning last week, officers from the Odessa, Texas Police Department greeted an unexpected visitor: a polite dog who gently put his paws on the front desk to inform them of his problem.

Sergeant Rusty Martin was one of the officers who greeted him, noting that the puppy did not seem particularly concerned by its lost dog status. For the most part, he just seemed to be having a good time, and he was having one.

“We were all delighted to have him in the building,” Martin said to Dodo. “We had a tennis ball and threw it into the hall a bit. Everyone loved him. “”

After spending a while there, he ran away as fast as he entered

The agents made sure that their day got at least a little better in return. They said he received “a lot of love and attention”. “We were all happy to have him in the building”

Martin added. “We had a tennis ball and threw it into the hall a bit. Everyone loved him. With the break over, it was time to make sure Chico was returned to its rightful owners.

Despite the amusement of the dog’s surprise company, those on duty did not forget the case he originally filed. However, an early resolution had a disadvantage.

The dog was wearing a collar, but the ID apparently had fallen off and Animal Control was sent to find a microchip. However, before they arrived, things changed.

Its owner said he was back and safe home after his small business

Source: Support Our Permian Basin Police Officers

Chico felt that his time in the police was up and quickly ran away before the animal control arrived. Apparently the dog returned to his family alone when he decided he was “gone” long enough.

“He ran away as fast as he got in,” said Martin after posting about the incident on Facebook. “The owner replied the next day that it was his dog and that he had gone home. He lives a mile from the train station. “”

The dog named Chico had solved his first case, albeit one of his own plans.

“I was impressed,” said Martin. “He could be made for the job.”

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