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Golden Retriever missing after the seizure, but the community is mobilizing to find it

Sage, Jane Albrecht’s elderly golden retriever disappeared after a seizure, but her neighbors used cars, drones, and even a kayak to take her home.

When a family’s beloved Golden Retriever went missing, an entire community came together to house 14-year-old pets.

Image: Stephanie Vallejo

Jane Albrecht, who lives on Lopez Island in the Pacific Northwest, became concerned after her older dog, Sage, left after having a seizure on January, 23.

The dog has a variety of health problems, including an enlarged heart and arthritis, as well as the condition causing the seizures, and requires a lot of grooming.

She posted a warning on her Facebook page that read, “LOST DOG !! My Golden Retriever Sage is missing! “Hoping the residents of San Juan County, Washington, will keep an eye on him.

Image: Stephanie Vallejo

“He became disoriented after a seizure on Friday night and disappeared from our home near Richardson on the southern tip of Lopez. He’s a handsome 14 year old Golden in good shape but deaf, ”June wrote.

Several residents of the small community of just over 2,000 people took part in the search for sage. They used cars and even a drone to explore remote areas where he could have gotten stuck.

Image: Stephanie Vallejo

A local young man, only six years old, volunteered to explore a narrow tunnel and assured his mother that “I can fit in”.

It was five long days, but they finally saw Sage. He had entered a secluded bay and could not go back down the steep path to escape.

During a daring river rescue, the locals brought the stray dog ​​back to its place in a kayak.

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