Shaggy kitten survived in the harsh conditions of the street

Every homeless animal really needs owners – it’s hard to argue with that, but it’s not so easy to find good people on all stray tails. So the kitten named Silantius had absolutely nothing to count on because he was born on the street and almost did not know human attention and affection.


However, luck still smiled at Silantius: all his family from the street were assigned to the “Islet of Hope” orphanage. There was not so much room for the purr, but our hero, one might say, turned out to be a darling of fate.

Charming Silantius with tousled fur was somewhat reminiscent of a Maine Coon. Perhaps there really were these big and graceful cats in his family? It was difficult to say, as the volunteers of the shelter knew only the kitten’s mother.


Unfortunately, while Silantius was a kitten, no one wanted to take him to his house. From a disheveled kid, he grew into a gorgeous, even a little formidable cat. Just look at this handsome man!

Silantius grew up with dogs, so he was not at all afraid of them, got along with other cats, and was generally distinguished by friendliness. This energetic and curious cat promised to become a wonderful pet for any person: he was distinguished by good breeding, the ability to create a favorable atmosphere around him.


Silantius lived in the orphanage for almost a year before his finest hour came. Soon, the cat had owners who surrounded him with love and care, provided him with everything he needed – even a large and interesting construction for games and recreation.


Silently often sends photo greetings to the shelter volunteers. The cat fluffed up even more and gained weight – however, he is a miracle in any form!

Don’t be afraid to take animals from shelters and from the streets. If you wish, you can teach them all the rules of behavior in an apartment and receive from them a whole sea of ‚Äč‚Äčlove and devotion.


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