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The owner threw her faithful dog inside the minibus

A resident of Velikiye Luki decided to get rid of her beloved pet, a young dog named Quince in an unusual way. An elderly woman got into the minibus with the unsuspecting Quince, having safely passed several stops with her. But then she acted so strangely that the surprised passengers did not even have time to react to it.

The woman threw the dog inside and went outside. Confused Quince drove to the final stop. There were winter frosts on the street, and one of the kind people decided to help the dog, who suddenly lost everything in the world.

So Quince ended up at the local orphanage “Darling”. The volunteers were surprised at how the hostess treated her, but there was nothing to do: the dog was settled in the aviary. There she began a new chapter in her life.

Despite the treachery of the mistress, Quince has not lost her trust in people. She continued to love them with all her heart, reach out, and wait for someone to turn their attention to her.

In addition to a gentle and friendly disposition, Quince had an excellent upbringing, obedient, and understanding character. This dog was good for everyone, and it remained unclear why they did this to her.

Fortunately, all the sorrows in Quince’s life were left far behind when Christina appeared in her life. The girl took this affectionate and quivering dog to her house, presenting what she needed so much: sincere love.

Quince has perfectly settled down in a new place and from the first days pleases its owners. We hope that she will no longer have to overcome life difficulties because she deserves only the best attitude towards herself!


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