The dirty cat meowed plaintively on the street in severe frosts

In one of the courtyards of Samara, a very dirty, scared, and hungry cat appeared. This happened in severe winter frosts: the poor thing had nowhere to go, she shook and asked for food, but only rare kind people tried to help her at least with something. Someone decided to make a post about a cat in society. networks, and, fortunately, he was noticed by an experienced zoo volunteer Svetlana .


This is how the cat was found by Svetlana. True, during the initial examination it was discovered that the new ward of the girl was not a cat at all, but a cat. He was given the nickname Stepan and showed to veterinarians.

Styopka turned out to be very young (about 1-year-old) and clearly a formerly domestic cat. During his wanderings, he managed to damage his paw, his fur faded, and his weight approached a critically low mark. Fortunately, all this was fixable.


The recovery process for fluffy Styopka has begun. This cat amazed Svetlana with his gentle and conflict-free disposition: even during not the most pleasant procedures, he behaved calmly and could purr!

Look at how handsome Stepka turned into after living with Svetlana for several months! He changed and became a real house cat. Affectionate, kind, incredibly gentle – he urgently needed a house.


Soon, a wonderful cat was noticed by the girl Larisa, who decided to come for him from another city! Stepka became the second pet in her family, coupled with another homeless cat.

The handsome man, as expected, perfectly settled down in a new place. The owners are delighted with him, however, as he is with them 🙂

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