The sad kitten spent days looking for people in the window

Famous in the circles of Samara zoo-volunteers, a girl named Alevtina saved the next poor thing from the street. They were deserted by all, hungry and sad kittens. Among them, a sad little one with a piercing gaze stood out especially – a baby named Jody.

Three-month-old Jody, once in Alevtina’s house, immediately climbed onto the window and began to look sadly into the distance, as if looking for someone. Perhaps he was just waiting for his potential owners, whom he so needed.


He was distinguished by a shy disposition, lovingness and calm. Jody, born on the street, behaved like a one hundred percent domestic cat. It only remained to find him the cherished house.

As time passed, the charming Jody continued to look out for his owners through the window. Soon he saw Tatyana and Ruslan walking to the house of Alevtina – that was his fate!


The kitten was taken to a cozy apartment on New Year’s Eve. Jody appreciated the Christmas tree with colorful lights, which was a lot of fun to hunt for.

For 5 years now, Jody, now called Zhorik, has been living in the family of Tatyana and Ruslan. They do literally everything for him: they scratch their belly at the first call, play, feed them with the best food, and even provide a curious pet with a TV 🙂


In this serious matter, the cat is not easy to recognize the mischievous little Jodi. He found his family and now looks out of the window, perhaps lazily lying on the balcony – is it not happiness!

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