Top 20 far side that will make your day


As a child we love to see cartoons. And it left permanent impact on our lives. Whenever we see a cartoon character it reminds us of our childhood. Everything changes with the time but memories we made in our childhood never gets old. At that time comics books were the integral part of our student life.

We used to spend entire day on watching comic serials. Various cartoon characters have taught us moral lessons as well that are still fresh in our mind. So apart from entertainment, illustrations and cartoons also delivers motivation and moral lessons to us. So we can never ignore their importance in our lives.

Comics are beneficial to those who are reluctant in reading. Artists draws comics in such a way that it easily conveys message to the audience. So pictorial messages acts as a visual aids which are hard to forgotten. That why The Far Side is leading all the comic series since very long time. Hats off to the creator named Gary Larson who started this amazing comics series.

So keeping in view all these factors we have compiled a list of some of the best comics that will not just provide you entertainment but will act as a mood lifter for you as well. So scroll down to see these awesome collection of comics.






















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