Sad cat that has already been “abandoned” twice is sent back to the RSPCA shelter because nobody wants him

A poor cat was rejected for the third time by the owner and was returned to an RSPCA shelter.

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The red-haired cat was returned to the shelter after its owner brought him back to bite him.

10-year-old Oscar is now at Burton’s animal shelter in Stretton, waiting for his next owner.

He was called “the cat nobody wanted” because nobody cared about him, writes StaffordshireLive.

Oscar had even spent most of his days grabbing the staff’s attention through his glass door.

The charity had launched an appeal back in October last year to find him a home.

(Image: RSPCA)

Although the 5,000-share call went viral on the Staffordshire Live Facebook page, it has now been rejected after being accepted.

Because of his combative nature he was “reluctantly” brought back to the shelter and is now looking for a new home.

A spokesman for the shelter said: “Oscar has been with us in his third term since September after he was brought back due to his (sometimes) fiery nature. We are very sad that Oscar is returning to the kennel and our mission is to bring his end, 100% without giving up at home forever.

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“He was reluctantly fired after the lady had the same problem when he attacked him.

“Oscar is a great companion, sociable, adventurous and friendly.

“Oscar is not a moody guy through and through and 98% of the time he’s a talkative and friendly guy who likes to talk about doing his own thing and coming back for a quick meow and a bum to remind you that it is here.

(Image: RSPCA)

“He’ll purr excitedly when he sees us in the morning and he’s far from being shy or nervous around people.”

However, at times he showed an aggressive side and had unpredictable moments. We believe these crazy outbursts will become less common over time, but Oscar’s new owner needs to understand that he can still have this series and is ready to accept it for what it is.

(Image: RSPCA)

“He’s looking for a house that has no other pets or children, with an owner who likes to let him do his thing and who doesn’t try to make him the perfect cat.

“Once you’ve settled in, you need to have access to a garden because you like to be away from home. We hope that this freedom will also help you avoid frustrations.

“Please only apply for Oscar if you are up to a challenge because we really don’t want your next house to fail again.”

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