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So Emotional! 80-Year-Old Man Dies After Losing His Beloved Dog For 16 Years

Almost all lonely people found their rest and rest by adopting domestic pets. Older people need company to continue living and to go for walks with their pets.

Ken Penda, 80, who lives in a mobile home community in Hemet, California, walks his 14-year-old dog every day for unconditional love and attention.

One day the dog was very sick, so many neighbors came together to help the dog, Zach! Unfortunately, Ken didn’t have enough money to take Zach to the vet clinic, so well-meaning neighbor Carol Burt helped him out by sharing a post online in the hope that Ken would find help.

Thankfully, the founder of a rescue group that helps dogs in need, Elaine Seamans of the At-Choo Foundation, responded to the plea and took the dog to a veterinary clinic where they found that Zack was unfortunately on the verge of death as he had a 6/6 heart murmur, severe arthritis, and glaucoma!

Sadly the dog died leaving his elderly owner grieving! Ken tried to get through this pandemic, but unfortunately, it was too hard for him as he passed away due to a heart attack shortly after Zack’s death. How disconsolate!


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