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Farmers have found a fun and touching way to save the ears of cows from the cold

When it gets cold outside, we are warming ourselves with hats and berets. But what if the cows start to freeze, for example? Yes, the same thing! An intelligent Twitter user with the nickname @ThisFarmingMan_ decided to share his very cute invention – warm calf headphones. As a result, the publication scored more than 165 thousand likes.

@ThisFarmingMan_ posted this picture on his Twitter saying that such calf hats really work and help his moo wards not to freeze in cold nights. Curious people gathered in the comments and shared their ideas about warming cows

One of the inhabitants of Canada with the onset of subzero temperatures puts on these calves here.

Another commentator also uses this method and considers it quite effective.

And someone jokingly threw a photo of his hen, which also protects from rain and cold here is such a piece of fabric.

As it turned out, many farmers use headphones for cows. Someone sews them himself, while someone orders them on Chinese sites. The result is not always satisfactory, but still.

With such a cute and bright accessory, no frost is definitely not scary! And how would you protect delicate cow ears from the cold?


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