Girlfriend secretly describes everyday life with her boyfriend, he uploads comics online and he goes viral (30 new comics)


This is a far cry from the match made in heaven, ‘This is a match!’ This path is full of ups and downs, as well as the goals of aspiring relationships. Take out the chewing-up pen you’ve picked up since high school and mark the relevant boxes: Eliminate each other’s sentences that always run the risk of provoking an argument. Making outfits for both of you that both of you don’t like. Telling each other sweet names that hurt the outside ear.

There should be an easy way to zoom in love. Katana ChatWand’s comic series is a pain-free answer to every relationship’s goofball grip. After her boyfriend John Catana published a drawing of his daily life online, a solid fan base of 2.9 million began to follow this happy little couple.


Scroll down for the latest Catana Comics selection and get ready to copy and paste a few bits into a chat with your significant other. There is no reason why good things should end, so get ready.

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When it comes to love, the little things are the ones that really matter, and Catana believes that everyone should have as much fun in a relationship as possible. “I feel like movies and media. Relationships can always be very serious and se-xy. There must be something in it, but I think having fun, being friendly, laughing on the floor, eating cereal together at 2 in the evening should play a big part,” she adds.

The artist believes that Catana Comics has become so popular because it shows how much we all have in common. “We often find that two people at very different ages, in different languages, in different lives, away from the ocean, can both find something about the comics who talk to them. Finally, We’re all a little weird, stupid, stupid, and beautiful. We can’t agree more!























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