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A kitten with a special appearance collected scraps on the street

A kid with a distorted muzzle was spotted on the street in complete solitude. People were surprised how this weak kitten with a strong respiratory infection was able to survive at all . The three-month-old kitten, who was picked up on the streets of Los Angeles, USA, was the size of a 6-week-old baby. The kitten revealed congenital deformity of the muzzle, as well as a severe respiratory infection. People were surprised how a weak kitten could even survive alone.


Good people took the kitten to the Friends for Life shelter, where they gladly took care of it. When the baby was brought, he was weak, exhausted, and covered in fleas. The staff did everything to quickly put it on its paws.

Rest, care, and treatment quickly bore fruit – the baby, nicknamed Pinocchio (Pinocchio), went on the mend. Then he was taken to the family for overexposure.

After recovery, the kitten began to constantly ask for caresses from the guardians, and show them their love and gratitude. He purred loudly, and always tried to be near his guardians.

Despite its features, Pinocchio is an active, playful, and charming kitten. He loves to play and scamper around the house and doesn’t have a soul in his guardians.

In the future, Pinocchio will need the supervision of a veterinarian, but otherwise – he is just a cheerful little ball of love! When the time comes, they will find for him the owners who will love this baby for who he is.

Be happy baby!


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