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The stray cat knocks on the woman’s door, begging to be let in by the cold

Stray Cat Knocks door for help

On the last day of Valentine’s Day, Jaelle heard strange noises coming from her back yard. He came to check it out and was surprised to find an orange tabby in the snow scratching the door, begging him to let her in.


Jaelle, a volunteer caregiver for Un Chat à la Fois, a rescued kitten in Quebec, Canada, immediately opened the door for the cute cat. He sent Marie Simard, the founder of Un Chat à la Fois, a photo of the cat.


“She said she knew that we don’t accept adult cats and wanted to help her,” Simard said to TheDodo. “As soon as I saw the photo, it broke my heart and I told him to take it to our partner clinic for evaluation.”

“His face said all there was to be said,” he added. “He stood in front of his door for a while and when I told him to look for him, he didn’t try to escape.”


The cat was taken to the vet for treatment and medical treatment. He was full of bites, fleas, and ticks, and suffered from frostbite, rotten teeth, and diabetes. If she hadn’t asked for help, there was no way she would have survived this cold winter.

The cat was grateful and happy to be with the people who saved him. “He was very nice to the clinic staff,” said Simard. “He pulled the vet’s leg out of the cage for people to stroke.”

The cat was named Aslan after the lion from the Chronicles of Narnia series. After a few days of care and love in the clinic, Aslan’s health improved and he moved into a foster family where he received the love and care of his new foster mother.


Aslan loved his foster mother and made sure she knew how happy he was to be by her side. “He’s a very loving cat,” said Simard. “He likes to sleep near his adoptive mother.”


We love to hear that Aslan is leading his best life with all the luxuries he deserves. You no longer have to fight for food, shelter, or face the cold. He has a loving family that loves him so much.

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